Get up close and personal with a llama

Looking for an new adventure? The llamas are waiting for you. The llamas at ShangriLlama are just a hour drive from Fort Worth.

They offer Llama lessons from Mama Llama. You will spend an hour learning 150 llama facts, taking pictures and interacting with them in a climate controlled barn. Did you know llamas do not spit at people, they are equipped with an “intercom” alarm system, and have a natural pecking order. These are just a few of the facts you will learn all about during your visit. There are numerous species of llamas. Check out a few of the varieties at this farm. 

During your visit you will get up close and personal with the llamas. The current residents are:

  • Dalai Llama
  • Barak O’Llama
  • Drama Llama
  • Como T. Llama
  • Bahama Llama
  • and their newest one, Pajama Llama

This is an adventure for all ages. Make sure to check Groupon for discounted tickets to the Llama Lessons.

They also offer Llama Walks where you will take a llama for a walk in the park. This is a 3 hour walk where you will rotate out the llama you are walking. There will be a break at some point in the walk. You will learn even more facts about llamas and might get a chance to give a llama lesson to local folks at the park. Talk about a unique experience.

Check out their website for ticket information.


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