Simmons Hippo Outpost now open

It is official, the Simmons Hippo Outpost is now open at the Dallas Zoo! Adhama and Boipelo made their public debut on Friday. The pair are still getting to know each other but already seem comfortable in their new home at the Dallas Zoo. The zoo staff was just excited as the hundreds of visitors waited patiently for the ribbon-cutting. Their wait was definitely worth it. Even the flamingos came out to welcome the Adhama and Boipelo.

The hippos put on quite a show for opening day. The Dallas Zoo had not had hippos since Papa died in 2001. A lot of research and work went into preparing their new home with as many natural elements as possible.

The Simmons Hippo Outpost includes:

  • Underwater viewing area
  • Overhead viewing area
  • Play area for the kids
  • Indoor area to learn more about hippos
  • Sitting area to relax and enjoy the hippos as they play on the underground rocks

You can also see them from the monorail for a completely different view.

It was so cool to see how different Adhama interacted with children and adults. When children approached the glass, he became very gentle and nuzzled the glass close to them. It was a completely different reaction to adults approaching the glass. These two hippos are so full of personality.

Sharing the space will be some Okapi. This beautiful creature originated in the Congo and is in serious risk of becoming extinct. The Dallas Zoo is a major player in the conservation efforts, at a global level, to keep this species alive. The okapi has a mix of unique markings. Can you guess which of these animals is his closest relative? A horse, zebra, giraffe, donkey? If you guessed giraffe, you are correct. The okapi is part of the giraffe family. If you look closely at the face and ears, you can see the resemblance.

Make sure to visit the National Geographic Photo Ark also currently on exhibit. These are close up photos of a variety of species. #SaveTogether

The last couple of years the zoo attendance records have been broken. There is no doubt that this new addition will contribute to another broken attendance record.

Dallas Zoo
650 South R.L. Thorton Freeway
Dallas, TX 75203




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