Grease Lightning hits Casa Manana

To say that the house was full and “on fire” last night at Casa Manana is an understatement. It was opening night for “Grease“. Even the dreary weather could not keep the fans away. We arrived ready to rock and roll to all the familiar tunes. Fans of all ages dressed in costumes from the movie.

Every element of this production was spot-on. Beginning with the set design, Michael Sabourin did a great job is giving it the 50s look. The transition from each scene was smooth and fun even with the minimal changes made for each.  

This production was so full of energy. It was difficult to tell if the audience was feeding off the actors or the other way around. One thing that was clear was that the entire theater was engaged in the story. The crowd was wild and the actors delivered.

Clapping, laughter and of course singing could be heard coming from the audience. The energy from the actors was nonstop. Talking with several attendees, after the show, the consensus was that talent cast for this production was perfect. Each actor truly adopted the persona of the character from mannerisms to voice impression. They were fun, energetic and most of all very talented. The singing was amazing.

While this was a debut performance, at Casa Manana, for a number of the actors they all seemed right at home in this venue. Hannah Shankman (Rizzo) truly honored the role with her performance. Her dancing was great but her voice, that girl can ing! She conveyed the right amount of emotion to engage the audience making her character come to life.

Ok, now the band. Usually you hear the band but not necessarily see them. In this production the band is absolutely elevated. Literately! Given their energy and wit this was a great decision. They also fit right in with some of the scenes so this was a perfect choice. I watched them just as much as I did the actors. Vonda K. Bowling and her team did an outstanding job with this show. I enjoyed watching her conduct and play. 

Grease runs through March 10th. This is a show not to be missed but given last nights attendance, I suggest you order your tickets early. Tickets can be ordered online.

Casa Manana
1301 West Lancaster
Fort Worth, TX 76107



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