What will you make of 2019

As a new year approaches many people make resolutions. The problem is that while resolutions are set, plans to meet these are not. You are missing out on the best year yet if you do not set a plan and stick to it. Find a friend or family member to support and hold each other accountable to these resolutions or goals.

A number of my friends or Instagram and Facebook followers often voice their desire to have as much fun as I having. My response is always the same, “Do it!”.  There is no reason you should not be enjoying life to the fullest. Only you can decide what that looks like.

I challenge you today to make a list of those things you have always wanted to do. If you can’t think of anything, look through my Instagram, if something looks interesting to you, write it down. I am not independently wealthy. Most of the adventure I undertake are very affordable, some are even free. So, if money is your excuse, that just went the window. 

Some people say it is a matter of not having time. Actually, I have found that we all have time for those things we want to do or are important to us. Somehow, we find time to sit on the couch and watch hours and hours of television or on the internet. It may sound cliche, but “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.”

You have a choice you can either see what 2019 brings or you can make the best of 2019. The choice is yours. Follow my Instagram and Facebook fan page, get a calendar and start planning out some fun weekends, vacations or day trips. Fill these times with those things that interest you or new things you want to try. Tag #ExploringDFW on your adventures. But don’t limit yourself to the adventures on my page. These are my interests or passions. You set your own. What brings you joy, laughter or fulfillment?

One of my goals for 2019 is to do or see something new in the Fort Worth area.

Adventure awaits…go find it!


Combining my love of writing and live theater I began publishing with Examiner.com in 2009. Since that time I have expanded my contributions to numerous forms of live entertainment, film and much more. In July of 2016 Examiner.com shut down their website. I decided to continue exploring and sharing my adventures through my own blogging site. Becoming a resource for my audience seeking entertainment options in the DFW area is a top priority.