Phantom of the Opera silences the crowd

Phantom of the Opera returns to Bass Performance Hall. Three years ago Derrick Davis starred at the Phantom. His performance this time around is just as riveting and commanding as the first time here. When he takes the stage the entire audience is drawn in. It is as if everyone in the room is holding their breath just to listen to him speak and sing.

There are some set design changes along with other changes to the production. But the costumes in this production are beyond exquisite. They are absolutely beautiful. The famous chandelier that debuted last time also returned. While it does not have same spotlight that it did last time, it is still pretty impressive.

The live orchestra fits in so well that it seems they are on stage although they are out of sight. This “hidden” talent truly fits in perfectly with the magnitude of this production.

If you see only 1 Broadway production this year, Phantom of the Opera is definitely the one you cannot miss. Most performances have been sold out, so order your tickets early. Only a few more performances, so don’t wait to get your tickets.

Lottery tickets are still available. Make sure you enter every day. Visit the website for instructions.

Bass Performance Hall
4th and Commerce
Fort Worth, TX 76102


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